A Changing Museum in a Changing World

Project prepared by Museum of Local History named after Hussein Isaev reached the semifinal of the XI contest «a Changing Museum in a Changing World». Its author Petmat Rahmaeva and Iman Alieva offered to create an exposure and interesting game for museum visitors.
Project from Museum of Local History named after Hussein Isaev is in the semifinal of the Russian contest.
The results of the first stage of the XI Grant Contest «a Changing Museum in a Changing World», which is annually held by the Charitable Fund of Vladimir Potanin under the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture, were summed up. Project «Tower of Wisdom» worked out by Museum of Local History named after Hussein Isaev is in the list of semifinalists. A total of 41 of 319 projects from 25 different federal areas reached the second stage of the contest.
According to director of Museum of Local History named after Hussein Isaev Petmat Rahmaeva, the project was worked out under the guidance of one of the employee Iman Alieva. Author of this idea plans to create an exposure technology for captivating adventure game in the museum.
“A Changing Museum in a Changing World” program supports museum projects aimed at development of new educational museum programs, improvement of tourism technologies, enhancement of museum research, promotion of museum partnership programs, and development of community oriented projects.


Successful applications demonstrate creativity, an innovative approach, the ability to fulfill the project within the agreed timeframe, and readiness to reach the next level of growth and operations. Through specially designed seminars and other activities, the program connects knowledge across Russian cultural institutions. Grant recipients receive an opportunity to participate in study visits abroad to enrich their own experience by learning best international museum practices.
The Program is highly competitive. Each year about 400 museums across the country apply for grant support. Since its inception in 2003, the Foundation has provided support to 173 museum projects.
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