Husein Isaev

Husein Isaev began his working career in 1983. He earned an honours degree from the Kharkov Civil Engineering Institute. He has been the head of the Russian Ministry of Property Relations Chechnya Territorial Administration since 2000.
Husein Isaev rallied around himself a multicultural team of like-minded persons who focus their efforts on the restoration of the devastated Republic of Chechnya. The Territorial Administration staff, headed by Husein Isaev, work in a finely renovated building in the center of a half-ruined Grozny. Husein Isaev is a man of great moral virtues who pays much attention to the welfare of his staff and their children, for whom he arranges vacations and medical treatment at Russian resorts and sanatorium. He helped in arranging a children’s tour to Spain, as a contribution to the implementation of the Programme of Social Rehabilitation of Chechen Children.
Husein Isaev oversaw the comprehensive stock-taking of state property in the Chechen Republic territory and the coordination of economic processes in the management and control of effective utilization of state property. The effort led to the registration of 1075 enterprises and institutions, with 16 000 real estate items under their jurisdiction.
Husein Isaev has authored more then 50 research papers, including 8 monographs. His academic potential is geared to the strengthening of international cooperation in the field of new information technologies in education and management. He is a full member of the International Informatization Academy and vice-president of the Russian Engineering Academy.






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