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As the legend has it, P’hakoch appeared due to the deeds of the hero Eton. Once during his travels he stopped to rest near a road in the mountains and fell asleep. When he woke up, he saw a lark had made a nest on his sword and a spider had woven its nice web. Eton believed it a good sign and decided to found a settlement there which is now called Itum-Kali. The P’hakoch tower complex includes several turrets and living towers, a water mill and a mosque with a madrasseh school for kids.
The ground floor of the Museum-tower hosts a local lore exposition. It exhibits ancient artifacts. Here one can see chechen traditional copper vessels for water, examine weapons and jewelry and even try on national chechen costumes.
One of exposition hall is dedicated to the memory of the first Chairman of the Chechen Republican State Council Husein Isaev. He died tragically at the Dynamo Stadium together with the first President of the Chechen Republic Akhmat-Hadji Kadyrov. This exhibition room shows visitors the office of the Republic’s famous politician. His work desk and conference table were brought from Grozny to Itum-Kali specifically for museum.
Husein Abubakarovich Isaev was a professor at the university; he taught his students Economics, and he was a fan of computer studies and believed that the future lay in globalization, including information integration.
A specific exhibit of the Museum is the GuestBook. Here one can leave comments or suggestions, advice or just a word of thanks. Hundreds of towns, thousands of names in Russian, English and even Arabic. The book has entries of guests from numerous Russian towns as well as from Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, France, Ukraine… Here visitors come to learn about the culture of the Chechen people.
Visitors to the museum are greeted by local traditions before they even enter the door. According to a Chechen custom, guests should enter the house with respect. So one can enter the building only if bowing one’s head. This tradition is supported by the fact that the Museum doors built back in the 13th century are unusually low.
We provide a welcome, hospitable environment and rewarding learning experience to museum visitors through guided tours.
Welcome to Chechen Republic!


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