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In a remarkably beautiful location in the heart of the mountainous Itum-Kalinsky district of the Chechen Republic, there is a Museum of Local History named after Hussein Isaev.
Here the land meets the sky, and history pervades, like sunshine, with the beautiful scenery and the tower building of the museum complex.
Museum basis of the medieval historical-architectural complex of the XI — XV centuries Phakoch. Until recently there were only ruins, but now the tower complex is restored on the initiative of the current head of the Chechen Republic — Ramzan Kadyrov.
In one of the residential towers: old weapons, utensils, household items, and tools are kept, which are more than one hundred years old. On the second floor of the Museum is the Memorial museum of the Hero of Russia, Hussein Isaev.
Hussein Isaev — Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Engineering, who was killed along with the first President of Chechnya, the Ahmat Kadyrov, May 9, 2004.
On the stones is a tower of complex petroglyphs. Local towers characterized by its own severe beauty, they are not only beautiful, but is inextricably fused with nature. The architecture of the museum is perfectly inscribed in a mountain landscape, and interwoven with it, it complements it.

Welcome to our Museum of Local History named after Husein Isaev!